The Georgetown Lighthouse

The Georgetown Lighthouse was first a wooden lighthouse completed in 1817 by the Dutch and it’s purpose was to aid vessels and ships into the Demerara River from the Atlantic Ocean.  On June 1st, 1830 the structure was rebuilt with brick and concrete on the same site by the Dutch.   The lighthouse in it’s present form was renovated and had its foundations repaired by British engineers allowing it to last for almost 200 years.

Georgetown LighthouseGeorgetown Lighthouse

The present brick structure is located on Water Street and measures 103 feet tall.  It has distinctive red and white strips and is a National Monument of Guyana.

The top of the Light house offers a panaramic view of Georgetown and the Demerara River as shown below:a

View of Georgetown From the Lighthouse

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18 Responses to The Georgetown Lighthouse

  • Omesh says:

    I love my country

  • Mick says:

    Very Beautiful!

  • Ronald Baxter says:

    Guyana is a beautiful country but is negatively affected by hate politics. What a pity.

  • george Callahan says:

    in the middle 40s I was stationed at Atkinson Field ,up river from G’town.. When in the city I stayed at the USO barricks by the Lighthouse. I wandered the streets and enjoyed soo much the flavor of this lovely city. I look at the pictures of then and now and feel very nostalgic. It was soo peaceful then.. I continued contact with a friend , now in Alberta ,Canada, even after some sixty years

  • Bick Singh says:

    I have beautiful memories of having the opportunity of climbing the stairs to the top of the Lighthouse on many occasions during my school days in British Guiana in the 1940′s, while attending the Modern Educational Institute, Georgetown. I am moved to tears of joy and nostalgia at the beautiful memories having looked at a photos of the Light House this morning as I read the Kaieteur News in London, England.

    May God bless Guyana the land of my birth.

  • Femke Pieters says:

    I remember it well. As a young girl I lived in Georgetown, Guyana, with my family. A feeling of nostalgia washes over me as I see the views. Thank you, Guyana, for some lovely memories.

  • Michael Kersting says:

    As a school boy attending Christ Church Anglican
    School in the early fifties,I recall the various “Field trips” and one of the trips was to the Lighthouse in Kingston and climbing up the spiral staircase was a joy.It’s definitely a heritage building and must be preserved at all costs….God bless my beloved Guyana !

  • Eddy says:

    I have always wanted to visit Guyana. I never had the opportunity though. Maybe someday I will.

  • Samantha Benn says:

    i wish people would stop looking at all the fronted photos,and visit those durty places,it is shameful


    Guyana is still a beautiful place, if all of us who migrated early deceided to go back and give what we as kids got from this beautiful land in our early days it might get back to that with some help from the government, i would be the first one to volunteer.

    • Ian Teixeira says:

      David, don’t hold your breath ok, if the corruption that has taken over in the last 50+ years remains, Guyana will never return to what we knew Georgetown (The Garden City) to be.
      I knew many Persaud’s in Georgetown, went to school with them (Central High) if you are one of then please get back to me, we can chat about this for weeks, I went back in 1996 after leaving in 1962 and what I saw made me never want to go back, it totally distroyed the memories of my childhood. If you wish to you can contact me at

      Thanks again.

  • Donald Britton says:

    The most beautiful country in the world to me, my country of birth, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the is no place like home.

  • Nona Bobb says:

    I don.t care what people say, I love Guyana and pray that it can be restored to some of its former glory and that people living there would establish a sense of pride as Guyanese and take their neighborly responsibilities seriously, Yes I would like to one day return “home” to live.

  • Marcia says:

    I trust that one who wrote but dirty place, whenever they are taking pictures of their homes they would take the dirty part of the home and put it up here, no one take an ugly picture they just dont know what to mention, but I love my country Guyana.

    • Ian Teixeira says:

      Hi Marcia, I am hoping you are the Marcia that I know, born BG 1948/49 Lived in Kity, maiden name Mansel or (Mansell) if this is you please get back to me at (

      Many thanks for your help.


  • Brenda Britton says:

    I always love my country Guyana even though I’ve spent the last 41years of my life out of the home that I love,I wanted to return but like most people I was feeling ashamed and afraid to come back without a solid bank account tostart over- why I’m saying this is because when we were leaving our country to go to canada we sold and gave everything away thinking that you were going to a land of milk and honey, my family is rich I don’t have to work when I get to canada— what a big laugh and the joke was on me but I’m going home now God willing and I’m not leaving ever Guyana here I come and I still have some zing in me to do some good in and for my country Beautiful Guyana BB

  • Brenda Britton says:

    Love my country.

  • Wilfred J Ray says:

    I was stationed at Diamond Estate then Georgetown 1964-1965 absolutely loved the place
    and the people.It will have changed a lot now, but i would love to return for a visit.

    Wilf Ray

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Guyana Facts

Official Name
The Co-operative Republic of Guyana. Georgetown is the capital city.

National Symbols
Coat of ArmsNational Flag



Approximately 751,223 (Census 2002) of which 90% live along the coastal strip and banks of the three major rivers. The ethnic composition of the population is as follows:

  • East Indian 43.5%
  • Black (African) 30.2%
  • Mixed 16.7%
  • Amerindian 9.1%
  • Other 0.5%


North East of South America between 1o & 9o North Latitude and 57o & 61o West Longitude, bordering Venezuela to the West, Brazil to the South, Suriname to the East.


The official language is English. Often spoken with a Caribbean Creole flavour. Guyana is also the only English speaking country in South America.


Guyana became independent from Britain in 1966 and a “Cooperative Republic in 1970, when a non executive President replaced the Governor-General. A new constitution in 1980 gave the President wide executive powers. The Cabinet is headed by the President, and there is a 65-member National Assembly elected by proportional representation.

President: Bharat Jagdeo
Prime Minister: Samuel Hinds

Other information

Currency: Guyana Dollar
Time Zone: GMT – 04:00
Area: 214,970 km2 or 83,000 sq mi
Country Code: 592
We drive on the left side of the road.

More information about Guyana | World Cities: Georgetown

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