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The Changing Face of Berbice

Most regions in Guyana have their own history, character and special features. The name Berbice immediately conjures images of Dutch architecture, agricultural plots and industrial estates.


The Berbice River Bridge

The Berbice County, commonly known as the Ancient County,… Continue reading

Some Businesses in Berbice


CHURCH VIEW HOTEL 3 Main & King Streets New Amsterdam, Berbice Tel: (592) 333-2880 Email: churchviewhotel@ DELUXE GUEST HOUSE 5 — 19 Coburg Street New Amsterdam, Berbice. Tel: (592) 333-3004 Email: cdenobrega@hotmail. com

LITTLE ROCK SUITES 10 Main… Continue reading

Lake Mainstay Resort …Guyana’s paradise

Thinking of enjoying the serene beauty of nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life?

Then the ideal place to head to is Lake Mainstay Resort, Guyana’s biggest and boldest adventure holiday experience on the Essequibo Coast in… Continue reading

Resorts and Tours in Guyana

Resorts such as the Baganara Island Resort and Arrowpoint Nature Resort among others provide you with lodgings and offer you nature exploration of the environment around you.

Bookings to these resorts can be done at the Rainforest Tour Desk located… Continue reading

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Guyana Facts

Official Name
The Co-operative Republic of Guyana. Georgetown is the capital city.

National Symbols
Coat of ArmsNational Flag



Approximately 751,223 (Census 2002) of which 90% live along the coastal strip and banks of the three major rivers. The ethnic composition of the population is as follows:

  • East Indian 43.5%
  • Black (African) 30.2%
  • Mixed 16.7%
  • Amerindian 9.1%
  • Other 0.5%


North East of South America between 1o & 9o North Latitude and 57o & 61o West Longitude, bordering Venezuela to the West, Brazil to the South, Suriname to the East.


The official language is English. Often spoken with a Caribbean Creole flavour. Guyana is also the only English speaking country in South America.


Guyana became independent from Britain in 1966 and a “Cooperative Republic in 1970, when a non executive President replaced the Governor-General. A new constitution in 1980 gave the President wide executive powers. The Cabinet is headed by the President, and there is a 65-member National Assembly elected by proportional representation.

President: Bharat Jagdeo
Prime Minister: Samuel Hinds

Other information

Currency: Guyana Dollar
Time Zone: GMT – 04:00
Area: 214,970 km2 or 83,000 sq mi
Country Code: 592
We drive on the left side of the road.

More information about Guyana | World Cities: Georgetown

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